All Products - Support #FlauntItCollection ♡

In September 2020, the Flaunt It Collection was created as a social venture/enterprise that allows Flaunt It Movement to fundraise for the opportunities and resources we want to provide for marginalized womxn artists, starting within the Jane-Finch community.

It is a collaboratively-designed collection that offers opportunities to womxn businesses, artists, designers and students to create pieces that represent the womxn we serve. 

Every purchase made in this collection directly goes back to support our grassroots, youth-led team's capacity-building and funds artistic resources for young womxn of colour artists who have been unable to access opportunities due to socioeconomic barriers. Resources include funding Adobe Creative Cloud licenses, access to equipment, art supplies, and most importantly, helping us fund our summer programming.

In the 2021 Summer, Flaunt It will be launching a Creative Internship program and a magazine made by and for womxn of colour artists. More details are coming soon.

Note: The Flaunt It Collection is a separate legal entity and initiative that supports Flaunt It Movement's community organizational work.