A Youth-Led Social Purpose Organization

Grassroots Arts Collective & Social Enterprise

The Flaunt It Movement & Collection is a social purpose organization that fosters self-love and highly-esteemed representation for women through the arts, entrepreneurship and activism. Our platform comprises community-led programs that celebrate, inspire, and support marginalized women's identities to develop multidisciplinary skill sets that amplify their self-esteem, representation, and leadership. By operating both a community arts collective and a social enterprise — Flaunt-It's mission is to use artistic activism, community-building and creative entrepreneurship to empower women to be the best artists, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders possible.

All projects are created by racialized women, femme and non-binary folks primarily from Toronto, Canada's low-income communities. Our innovative approaches are creating transformative social change in our local communities by uplifting the confidence levels of every woman we work with in our movement.

♡ Our Movement's Pillars ♡

Self Esteem

Non-inclusivity has detrimental consequences. 55% of Canadian girls agree that conforming to such unrealistic beauty standards is harmful to their self esteem

(Source: Girl Guides).


Worldwide standards on beauty and femininity continue to be discriminative, restrictive, and unrealistic. 90% of the magazine covers hyper-sexualize, objectify and exotify women of colour.

(Source: Cornerstone)


We see this pressure and discrimination in women's leadership and work endeavours. 83% of Asian women, 80% of Black women, & 76% of Latinx women admit to experiencing stringent barriers to leadership in the work setting.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Our Official Annual Programming Initiatives

Magazine/Visual Anthology

Creative Internship Program

Summer Arts Festival

What's New With Flaunt It?

Our websites are constantly under construction to make sure we have all our information up for both our Movement & Collection. Keep up with our Instagram (@flauntitmovement) for all the latest news!

Check out www.flauntitmovement.ca for more of our work/portfolio!

Support our social enterprise where all proceeds support our grassroots community-led work and mission to provide creative resources for youth in Toronto's underserved communities, starting with Jane-Finch. Shop at www.flauntitcollection.com (or stay on this site).