How Do You Flaunt It?

We believe that the journey self-love begins in our homes and with what we wear. We are inviting you to physically embody our values of creating, celebrating, connecting and building-confidence every day.

All who tag @flauntitmovement & add #howdoyouflauntit will be invited for our future commercial campaigns. Show us where you wear your apparel!


We're happy to have you here :)

Thank you for joining us for our launch! As a small business and grassroots organization, your support means the world to helping us sustain our arts-based programming.

The website will be updated with more pages and information over the week (09.25-09.28). Please excuse us as we're constantly evolving to ensure we provide the best learning and shopping experience for you. 

All shipments will be sent before Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.