Ramadan Mubarak! ☾

25% off All A.K. Shirts!

As the auspicious month of Ramadan starts, the Flaunt-It Collection is putting all our A.K. Shirts on sale for 25% off all Ramadan long (while supplies last)! All proceeds go towards supporting youth artists in the Jane-Finch community, including our Muslim women and girls. Together, we want to continue empowering the representation and lives of Muslim women and girls.

For every purchase of an A.K. Shirt, an additional 10% is donated will be given to an Islamic Charity, based on our community's recommendations and suggestions.

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Est. December 2016 💖

About Our Movement ♡

The Flaunt It Movement (“Flaunt It”) is a grassroots youth-led organization that fosters self-love and highly-esteemed representation of all women through creative, community projects.

We use the arts to create a platform of collaborative campaigns & inclusive safe spaces that celebrate, empower & represent the intersectional layers of beauty in all women.

We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to be confident artists, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders.

✊🏼✊🏽 The Problems We're Addressing ✊🏿✊🏾

Self-Esteem. Representation. Leadership.


Non-inclusivity has detrimental consequences. 55% of Canadian girls agree that conforming to such unrealistic beauty standards is harmful to their self esteem

(Source: Girl Guides).


Worldwide standards on beauty and femininity continue to be discriminative, restrictive, and unrealistic. 90% of the magazine covers hyper-sexualize, objectify and exotify women of colour.

(Source: Cornerstone)


We see this pressure and discrimination in women's leadership and work endeavours. 83% of Asian women, 80% of Black women, & 76% of Latinx women admit to experiencing
stringent barriers to leadership in the work setting.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

creating social change

Mission Statement ✨

Flaunt It uses artistic activism & community building strategies to foster, empower, & inspire young women to confidently create social change.

Our work prioritizes supporting women, girls and femmes from underserved communities as we help provide the resources and opportunities for them to excel as artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and overall, leaders. 

Our #FlauntItCollection was created to directly fundraise to support our grassroots programming and mission to give back to our emerging women and femme artists.

Self-Love & Artistic Activism

Our Values ✨

Creations of inclusive collaborative campaigns that combine multiple art forms. Using the arts to create social change!

Celebrations of the representation of all kinds of womxn as empowered leaders

Connections/Community as we help womxn show up and hold space for one another.

Confidence-building (/capacity) as we invest in womxn's excellence and leadership

Creative Campaigns

Flaunt It organizes series of projects that combine multiple art forms (e.g., photography, film, visual arts, performance, writing) to demonstrate how art can be used to story tell and create social change. We offer opportunities to collaborate with women who are not traditionally being featured in the media.

Creative campaigns represent women of all intersectional identities in empowered ways. They are creative projects made by women, for women.

Inclusive Safe Spaces

Flaunt It is known for our workshops and open photoshoot events that were organized for all women all across the Greater Toronto Area to participate in our creative campaigns.

Our events foster the aspirations of emerging models, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, friendships and more. Virtually or in-person, we curate spaces to celebrate women.

Opportunities & Resources

We believe in active collaboration with folks who share our vision and mission. Together, we can produce projects that empower and inspire women in a variety of ways. Our work is ultimately designed for young women and girls in marginalized communities as we aim to demonstrate that they possess the power to dismantle any barriers along their path.

Social Enterprise: #FlauntItCollection

In September 2020, Flaunt It launched their social enterprise and collection to help the organization sustain themselves as a grassroots group and help fundraise for the resources inaccessible to emerging artists in marginalized communities.