Vision, Mission & Values

 Vision Statement  To inspire all women to love themselves unconditionally and with the capacity to hold space plus show up for other women. 

Flaunt It influences women to have an empowered outlook of their lives so it can inspire communities to build both a deeper appreciation for themselves and other women. It creates projects to educate young women on confidence-building and self-esteem strengthening strategies so that they can excel and lead in their fields of passion.

 Mission Statement  Flaunt It uses artistic activism & community building strategies to foster, empower, & inspire young women to confidently create social change. We create campaigns that represent the stories & intersectional lives of all kinds of beauty in women.

Before COVID: Flaunt It produces events that invites anyone who identifies as a woman, to experience being in an inclusive, safe space that celebrates and connects them with more women entrepreneurs, artists, activists, students, and more. The organization designs opportunities for all women to be a part of creating meaningful projects that promotes positivity and self-love. The organization operates as the liaison of connecting women to the necessary resources or opportunities to support their endeavours

Now, Flaunt It operates as a social enterprise to expand their versatility as young women entrepreneurs continuing to find success in sustaining a future for all women.

The organization is selling merchandise designed by local women artists. It allows their community to physically embody their values daily as we believe that power begins with helping more women love themselves every day. 

“We are focusing on the representation of all kinds of beauty in women, wherever they are. We intend on helping more women feel beautiful in their skin, and thus lead a life of purpose. We believe that carrying ourselves with confidence, starts in our homes.”

Primary Principle: Artistic activism empowers us to address the barriers that impact young women from excelling or leading in their fields of passions with pride and confidence (e.g., gender-inequality, lack of representation, patriarchy, beauty standards). 

Flaunt It is investing into the next generation of young women who will amplify future generations of more women. Flaunt It believes that the work starts with the message of teaching women the importance of loving themselves.