The Movement.

About Us

The Flaunt It Movement (“Flaunt It”) is a grassroots youth-led social enterprise that fosters self-love & highly-esteemed representation of all women through creative, community projects.

We use the arts to create a platform of collaborative campaigns & inclusive safe spaces that celebrate, empower & represent the intersectional layers of beauty in all women.

For youth,
by youth.

It is for young women and operated by young women, dedicated to creating and inspiring social change in their communities.

It is a sisterhood that raises the growing generation of young women in leadership.

To inspire all women
to love themselves unconditionally
and with the capacity to hold space
plus show up for other women.

Our Vision Statement

Our Values

  • CREATIONS of inclusive collections, campaigns & conferences
  • CELEBRATIONS of all kinds of women of all intersectional identities
  • CONNECTIONS/COMMUNITY as we actively work towards helping women show up and hold space
  • CONFIDENCE-BUILDING (/CAPACITY) to support/invest the excellence and leadership of their team and women they work with