About "Flaunt It"

The Flaunt It Movement (“Flaunt It”) is a grassroots youth-led organization that fosters self-love and highly-esteemed representation of all women through creative, community projects. 

It uses the arts to create a platform of collaborative campaigns & inclusive safe spaces that celebrate, empower & represent the intersectional layers of beauty in all women. 

It is for youth, by youth. It is for young women and operated by young women, dedicated to creating and inspiring social change in their communities. It is a sisterhood that raises the growing generation of young women in leadership. Our programming cultivates a deeper relationship of exposure, learning, and support.

Flaunt It traditionally organized events that were designed to be inclusive safe spaces for the women who joined us. Flaunt It is now expanding its business model with the mentorship of the Youth Employment Services (YES) Program called BizStart. It is transitioning into a social enterprise where the company will launch a merchandise collection that will allow their community to embody their messages,  from wherever they are.